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    このサイトでは、iPhone 用のアプリを紹介してますしてます。


    Welcome to Lafata website
    This site introduces iPhone apps.​


  • バージョンアップしました

    お買物くらべver.2 / Best shopping ver.2





    You can compare the prices of two products and calculate the discounted price.
    "Shopping Compare" is the best calculation app when you are wondering which product is the best deal.
    Compare with a lot, and make good shopping.

  • レシピ計算 / CALC recipe





    "Recipe Calculator" can easily convert the recipe of the dish you want to make into the amount you want to make.
    Conversion of “for the number of people” and conversion of “baked / cake / container” are easy.
    This is an app that makes it easy to calculate cumbersome recipes and makes cooking fun.

    (Supports 10 languages)